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An Update


I just sent a long email to a friend from High School about training for her first Tri.  It made me very, very nostalgic about the first summer training.  I was so focused, so energized, so committed to training.  I felt great, I was eating great and I was happy.  I didn’t really have much of a social life, I’ll admit it, but I knew it wasn’t a permanent change.

It also made me sad that I won’t be training this season.  My injury has put me out of commission and with this seasons Tri being in July I just wouldn’t be prepared.  Luckily, the race director was kind enough to give me a refund.

Today, I start PT and I hope that in a month from now I’ll be back on my feet and running.  I could really use a good run, especially on mornings like these when the humidity has quite filled the air yet and the fog is rolling off of neighbors lawns.

So, this blog will be lacking in exciting updates this summer, but I figured I should still capture what I’m doing to get through a summer without a Tri to train for.

Next up, for any readers who are doing their first Tri or interested in doing one, I’ll post the email I sent with some tips and thoughts!

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