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PT and Running


I’m on my last week of PT.  Besides the having to get up early and get in to work late, it has been great and well worth the time and expense.  Within the first week she had sensed that my pain was most likely coming from a Baker’s cyst.  After reading about it on my own, it made sense.  I often got a feeling of swelling prior to the pain, and it hurt most with constant flexing and extension.  She assured me that it was very treatable and that just doing the PT for a few weeks and being careful as I increased my mileage would help.

The week after I ran on a foggy morning for two miles and felt great.  I was so relieved.  Each time I’ve gone, she’s had me on the treadmill for at most 10 minutes and never have I felt the pain behind my knee.

On Friday, I went for a 3 mile run with my Mom and Brother and felt great, no pain!  I’m so happy.  I know I still have a ways to go and I have to be very careful to not overdue it and cause the swelling to return, but still- I can run again!

Some bullet points about PT:

  • I feel like I”m in college again getting stim and ice and ultra sound.
  • Can I count it as a workout?  Cause I do.
  • I’m bad at remembering to do my stretches everyday.
  • Sports massages are awesome and painful and great.
  • I wish my specialist co-pay wasn’t $40, or that I didn’t have to pay it everytime.

And lastly,

I went for a run and a swim on the same day on Friday- almost felt like Tri Training- oh the thrill!

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  1. 03/12/2012 5:44 pm

    Very well written information. It will be supportive to anybody who utilizes it, including me. Keep doing what you are doing for sure i will check out more posts.

  2. 03/12/2012 5:55 pm

    So glad you found it helpful! I’m currently out of the game focusing on raising my son, but I’ll get back to it for sure and keep writing!

  3. Steve permalink
    09/01/2012 2:48 pm

    I found this book really useful on Amazon for starting out in tri!

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