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Hot Running


So, after PT finished I told myself I’d jump back in, no more excuses.  I didn’t.  The heat, time, long nights, other plans, they all added up.  And then I learned the valuable work out buddy lesson again.  Make plans with friends to work out, and then you know what, you will do it!

So, I made plans for this week to run with Park.  I hadn’t been back to the Park since just after my injury and I was excited to start my running again there.  We could have cancelled due to heat, but we didn’t, and I’m so glad.  We walked a couple of times, but really pushed ourselves to the right limit and got a great work out in.  I left feeling happy, hot, tired and excited.  We made plans for the next week, and I’m going to keep them!

One of the friends will be training for a 1/2 in the fall and we committed to running alongside her as she ups her miles.

The great thing, I did not feel an ounce of pain behind my knee.  The downside, I was totally exhausted the next day, darn heat!

Back to the gym tonight.  Gotta love working out in A/C!

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