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Where I’ve Been


Raising this muffin, and not doing much working out.  HOWEVER!  My new year’s resolution this year:

Run a race every quarter ending in a half (The Manchester or Seacoast Half in November).  I miss it, and it is time to start making it a part of my life again.

My first race is 3/24 in NH.  I ran on Wednesday and Sunday last week.  Go me!  That guy up there joined me in the jogging stroller on Sunday.  Running pushing 25lbs of little boy is not easy.

So this year, back to running, next year back to tris.

Join me?

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  1. SenoraMACK permalink
    03/24/2012 1:49 pm

    What an adorable reason to take a sabbatical! I did a Sprint Triathlon last fall and I finished pretty near last, but I finished! I’d like to try again, is there a name for the type of Tri that you mentioned- .75 mile swim, 15 mile bike, 4 mile run? Good luck to you on your resolutions!

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