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Well well Well


Okay- my Tri is in 12 days.  I’m not 12 days away from being ready.  If I’m honest, I’m 20+ days away from being ready.  But I’ll be there at the starting line and I’ll give it my all.

What’s Going Well –

Riding – I’m loving my new bike and shoes.

Running – I’m feeling strong and able to run AFTER doing other endurance training.

Swimming – As always I’m strong here without tri-ing (LOL) and had a great easy swim last week.

What’s Not Going Well: 

Riding – My knees – I’m not trained on lactic acid management

Running- My knees – see above – and just all around tightness

Swimming – Goggles – they either let water in, or they are pressing so hard they hurt.  Ugh.

What I Need:

Riding – I need to get on a spin bike a few times these next two weeks and work on managing lactic acid.

Running – Music – It is one of the key things to keeping me going during the hot, end of a training day.

Swimming – Better goggles – but it isn’t happening – so I deal.

What I’m Going to Do: 

Riding – Spin!

Running – Just keep doing it- and maybe buy an arm band

Swimming – Just keep doing it – I can’t wuss out on swim training because of goggles.

Yesterday I did a 6 mile bike and then a 4.3 mile run – and I felt great!  I felt strong and connected to my body.  I started to think about my time at the race and what I’d aim for.  Trying to piece together how long each activity will take me.  I think aiming for under 2:45 is easy.  I’d like to be at or below 2:30 – but I don’t want to set my self up for failure.  Hmm.  In 2008 at my peak after serious training I did it in 2:02, and then the next year with some training, but not as much I did it again in 2:02 – so maybe I’m selling myself short.  We’ll see!  (now of course I’m thinking about how I can get to that time again).

Anyway- if you want to follow along in my next two weeks of training friend me on runkeeper!

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