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Tri done – resolution met!


Done! I completed the Granite Man Tri 5th (I think) in my age group on Saturday the 17th. Sweet!
The swim was good – but I got a little off path and felt like I lost a few minutes getting back in the pack.
The bike was hard. Really hard. It is constant hills with really only one spot when you can just cruise. And there are three killer hills. I actually did it only 3 minutes slower than my fastest Tri – so I was happy about that.
By the run I was ready to get it done – in a good way. I had my music and my legs loosened up as I reached the top of the steady climb you start the run with.
As I weaves around the paths of an old landing strip I felt good.
I finished at 2:10. 8 minutes slower than 2009. But happy.
The swim was def my slowest and I think that was a result of my path and them making it actually 3/4 mile.
I’m done! And happy. And totally doing it next year with a goal to place in my age group! Or at least move up in rank.
And, on Sat as we sat around relaxing and recovering we signed up for the seacoast half again. Bring on the running!





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  1. 05/17/2014 3:17 pm

    Three minutes more is not that much, you should be proud!

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