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Q3 Race – Color Run!


Sorry for missing the Q3 race and post! The Color Run was a BLAST! Didn’t feel like much of a race, and I’m pretty convinced it was shorter than a 5k AND that if I’d been at the front of the pack I would have had a shot at winning. It was more about the experience than the racing, and it was quite the experience!




In April of 2010 I developed a common running cyst behind my knee. It was a result of a right IT band. Umm, I had never stretched it! I “found” it pushing myself too hard training for a 1/2. I got to a point where I physically couldn’t run and had to hobble a mile home. Not fun. It was interesting timing because I was actually a few weeks pregnant and not doing a 1/2 was probably a good thing.
Through physical therapy, rest and focus on my IT band I rehabed. I still feel it tighten and full on some runs, but t wasn’t a “career” ending injury. Phew.
You’d think I’d learn my lesson about pushing too hard.
Clearly I didn’t. Today I got to 3 miles on my run and the cyst was feeling very bad. I stopped to stretch and told myself, “a few more miles”. It still hurt. Added was a pretty painful twinge in my hip on elevation changes. Going uphill, ouch. Going downhill, ouch.
I pushed on, my brain winning in body vs brain.
I decided I would try to get almost home and then walk.
I thought I’d run a little easier. But I actually picked up speed. And then the pain went away.
Sweet! Now I’ll never learn my lesson.
But I banged out 6 miles in 49 minutes.
Super sweet.
Don’t follow my lead. My hip is killing me.

Vacation- using it to get back to it


In my daily life, it’s a challenge to find time to run. I have been getting on the elliptical on a regular basis during my work day, but the dread of treadmill running + how much more I sweat and turn pink have kept me from running there. Now, the elliptical is a good option- but for my body it gets stale quickly and with my 1/2 looming in Nov. I need to be running.
Last week we headed down the shore for an extended weekend. I used the opportunity to run daily! And to top it off it was beach running. 2 days we did 4 and the third we did 3+. It was hot and hard, but I did it and felt good.
As someone dedicated to running and endurance in general I find it’s important to NOT use a vacation as a reason to forget about exercise. Time stretches out before you on vacation, use that to get back on a good routine and then incorporate that in to your daily life
I’m going to try!


I don’t know how your company celebrated the holiday last week, but at mine we just had Wednesday off. Sure it made for an awkward week, but I jumped at the opportunity to get a run in! I did just over 4, the heat definitely elf me back, but I felt good. When I finished and looked at my outfit unrealized even with the day off, I just couldn’t leave work at work!
How are you all getting in work outs in this heat?


Q2 Race


Where does the time go? Yikes. 2 weeks ago I ran the JP Morgan corporate challenge with my company. Fulfilling my Q2 race quota and realizing how far I’ve come after getting back in my Nikes.
I had trained, running 4-5 miles once a week (typically on a Saturday morning) and getting in 1-2 runs during the week. I knew I was getting faster.
It was muggy, but the race stared late and I’ve always found the Park has a bit cooler air.
As we started I looked in front of me for our CEO who had started before me.
“would I pass him?”. I thought.
Turns out, I would. Twice. The final time about a 1/2 mile from the finish when I put on the after burners.
I felt good, I felt like I was kicking ass and working hard. I started to get that shaky feeling towards the end and I knew I was pushing my body.
My pace was 8:04. My first thought was, “I want to be sub 8:00”.
I’m not a competitive person, but damn I get competitive in races! Especially with men.
So, with Q3 right around the corner I’ve got The Color Run to look forward to and I’ve got a lot lore running to do!




A few weeks ago I thought I’d turned a corner when I went for a run instead of taking a nap in the middle of a weekend afternoon. But then, the next day I found myself choosing lazing over running and realized I hadn’t.
It took a few more weeks, and a long weekend in NH, running each day, but I’m feeling like I may just be there now. I’m making and taking time for activity, and it feels good. I got home from work tonight and carved out time for a run. And, I didn’t let the rain stop me. That feels like some corner turning to me.
New neon pink shoes help too.

Finding Time for Fitness


One of the biggest struggles I have right now is finding time for fitness. When I was tri training in 2008 the only constraints I had were work and wedding planning. I knew my social life could go on the back burner (and it did), and on top of that my job was not challenging and my role was not critical so working out during work was easy and very doable.
Now, I have to fit working out in to a priority list that’s already very full and a job that is challenging in a role that is crucial.
Yes, weekends are big, but even finding time on the weekends can be hard. I had expectations to run both Saturday and Sunday, thankfully I got a run in on Sunday. Even with not much going on Saturday sped away from, and when Sunday seemed to be too I made myself stop “going going going” and fit in a run abbreviated by joining my family for a walk. I felt great and it reinforced how important this is for me outside of weightloss and fitness goals. I tell myself, and others, that when E is sleeping better I’ll wake up early to work out, but that could be a long way off and I need to figure our how to work it now.
I already know I could make my work day more focused and productive and I’m wondering if fitting in a workout would help me do that.
This week, we may just find out!
How are you all doing?